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Terms and Definitions
The Fellowship:
The Fellowship endeavors to provide safe space for all persons — especially those who have been wounded by oppressive religion. We invite all persons to join us as we share, wrestle, and discern the will of God for our individual, collective, and global communities. We will not be afraid of the gray areas nor the hard questions. We do not proclaim to have all of the answers, but we acknowledge that God is able to hold us as we journey together toward lives of wholeness and peace.

It is the aim of our fellowship to create an environment where persons are free to live their individual truth. We will reject any misguided messages of self-hatred, intolerance, or prejudice that fail to acknowledge that all individuals are fearfully and wonderfully made in the likeness and image of God. We will intentionally resist the desire to tell individuals what and how to think. We will seek to provide individuals with the tools to think for themselves.

People Not Organization:
The Fellowship will seek to build up individuals; believing that if we are faithful to this task, God will provide space for the work to which we are called. It will be our aim to direct the bulk of our resources to efforts that provide services for and improve the quality of life for both our clergy and members of the wider community.

Worship and the Arts:
We endeavor to build a community that celebrates God through vibrant praise, liberating and creative worship; utilizing the rich and diverse gifts given to our community by God. We will provide a place for persons to be transformed through a worship experience that is Christ-centered, passionate, welcoming, and led by God's spirit.

Radical Inclusivity:
It is The Fellowship's goal to create a place where all may feel free to worship, serve, and grow spiritually - without regard to race, ethnicity, social class, age, gender/gender identity, or affectional orientation. We will create a safe place for all persons to flourish - especially women, same-gender-loving individuals and their allies, transgendered persons, persons in recovery, the recently incarcerated, the economically disenfranchised, and persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. We will seek to proclaim the same message proclaimed on the day of Pentecost; that God continues to pour out God's spirit upon all persons.

Relevance to our culture is not optional. We will strive to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ in ways that are both liberating and culturally-sensitive. We will seek to provide quality ministry to populations that have been underserved by the traditional church.

Social Justice:
Liberating the oppressed is the heart and soul of the gospel message. The Fellowship will seek to do relevant ministry that dismantles oppressive systems and ideologies that prevent individuals and groups of people from experiencing whole, healthy, and Godly lives. We will seek to establish a community that takes seriously the justice-centered message of Jesus Christ.

We will strive to honor individuality while at the same time, we will seek to build community; always honoring the least among us - even when and especially when that makes us uncomfortable. We will celebrate God's diversity.

Healthy Individuals:
The Fellowship endeavors to create a community that fosters balanced psychological, spiritual, and physical health. We will seek to partner with agencies and social institutions to provide holistic ministry to persons in need of basic health, educational, and psychosocial services.

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